cheerleading & gymnastics are my passion. former cheerleader, former gymnast. current assistant gymnastics coach. ask me anything <3

30 Day Gymternet Challenge 

Day 8: Favourite Annual Competition

P & G National Gymnastics Championships (or whatever they are called now. the sponsors change all the time and I can’t keep up)


i quite like myself
slouched over a television with a broken remote,
pale skin alive with glowing colours  
at 3:33 in the morning

i think i am at my best
when i am hovered
over the kitchen sink just after dark
running hot water
over my raw fingers

i feel great
when i am sprawled across my bed
crying before i even wake up
sun pushing, unwanted,
through a dirty window

i am very happy with who i am
i say aloud in the car
all alone
while i consider driving into a tree

i am very happy with who i am 

(via lenadeluna)

I am so tempted to buy tickets for 2015 Worlds but I don’t even know what I will be doing next year :(((