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submitted my application to volunteer at rio 2016 yasss

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some of youtube’s translation captions are so bad omg

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sometimes i get sad that i don’t know code of points as well as some people or that i don’t know about some teams as much as some people or that i haven’t watched as many routines as some people

but then i remember that those ‘some people’ don’t really give two shits about that (as long as you don’t pretend to know these things and then get into arguments) and are willing to help and post skill/D score guides and routines masterposts


you go gymternet

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My team when they're not playing: They are absolutely amazing, they are the best. No one can stop them. My team>>>>>your pathetic team
My team during the game: The fuck is this team? They fucking suck. Who the fuck let him play? Fire the whole lineup.
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